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Satya Healing

Synthesize Your Spiritual Practices

When you combine multiple modalities such as sound healing, yoga, breath, guided meditation, reiki, herbalism, creative expression, and microdosing, you are amplifying the benefits that they all encompass. Giving you a deeper understanding of yourself, shifting perspective, re-wiring thought patterns and reactions. You will tap into your emotional, physical and psychological realms creating a new path to your overall health and well-being. 

Welcome to your journey to deep self- love, compassion and total awareness of your spirits philosophy. If you are wanting to relieve stress, to connect with your inner child, open doors to joy and happiness, improve spiritual well-being, release tension, anxiety and calm the inner tides of depression, I am here for you.

Meet Your Guide

Satya has been on her spiritual journey for over 13 years. She faced the dark night of her soul at a very young age and remained in that darkness for five years. During that time homelessness, countless hospitalizations, drug addiction, self-sabotaging behaviors, depression and anxiety took over. 

Through the help of Western medicine, she survived. She wanted to understand the pain and suffering that many of us experience and studied Psychology. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2014.

While western medicine serves a valuable purpose in our healing it does not encompass our entire spiritual being. Satya lived in India for four month while she studied Yoga and Ayurveda. She received her 200 RYS in Gokulum, Mysore. 

After coming back to the states, she moved to Humboldt County in 2015 and has studied several other alternative healing modalities such as Herbalism, Reiki, and Sound Healing. 

She has continued searching for and studying alternative modalities to bring calm and peace to the mind, body and spirit. Her mission is to help others heal and break away from the use of pharmaceuticals. She has found great comfort and purpose through Yoga, Reiki, Herbalism, Sound Healing, Visualzation Meditation, and Microdosing. 

The key to healing yourself is to approach yourself as a complex being. Knowing that when you use multiple modalities you are addressing the whole body. When you combine spiritual practices, you amplify the strengths of each study, allowing yourself to heal on an emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological levels. 

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“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”


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Find Your Center

There are various methods to both align and keep your body and spirit in balance. As a progressive Holistic Healer, I believe in nurturing rather than battling against the body.

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Initial Consultation

Getting to Know You

Takes into account the whole person and helps bring awareness to each individual healing process. 


Intuitive Counseling

Natural Healing

This 1.5 hour session will embody a nurturing mother essence. Prior to our appointment we will briefly speak about what you want to address during our session. You will fill out a questionnaire where you can choose which modalities you are interested in receiving.  

These intuitive sessions can include Asana, pranayama, sound healing, energetics, flower essence, aromatherapy, microdose immersion, or creative expression. During our time together we will process, release, connect, and to let go of what does not serve you any longer.

This 1.5 hour session is a 90$ investment.


One on One Yoga, Reiki and Tuning Forks

Synchronize Your Mind Body Spirit 

In this 1.5 hour session we will practice Vinyasa or gentle yoga. Moving our bodies with intention and breathing with presence. Inviting balance to our minds and calm to the body through vagus nerve exercises. After we stretch, we will transition to the comfort of receiving Reiki.

Reiki is known to help on mental, emotional, and physical levels. Bringing relief of general pain, illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many more benefits can be received during a session.

I will alternate between energy healing and using turning forks around your body. The tuning forks that I use are 174 HZ which facilitates relief of general pain, 528 HZ is the frequency of love, DNA repair, and heart opening. I also use 288 HZ and 468 HZ which help to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This induces a deep state of relaxation, preparing the body for meditation and opens the mind and body to healing.

After a single session, you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels.

This 1.5 hour session is a 140.0 investment.


Private/Group Sound Healing 

An Ancient Science

All you need to do is lay down, get comfortable, close your eyes, and breathe. When we allow ourselves this type of stillness it gives our bodies a chance to truly feel what is happening with-in. Sound baths have been said to take you into your parasympathetic state. This is when your body exits fight or flight mode and enters rest and digest. When we are in this state our metabolism and digestion improve, we create a neutral environment in our psyche, and our emotions stabilize. 
There have been studies that showed 100,000-300,000 hertz help to eradicate cancerous cells, 40 hertz stalls the progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This is scientific proof that sound not only helps to boost the immune system, calm the overactive nervous system but it also heals debilitating dis-eases.
Each session is tailored to your specific needs and desires. I have crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, tuning forks, a 32 inch gong, rain stick, buffalo drum, Peruvian shakers, and an infinity drum. We can deepen your healing session and work with specific elements to amplify your current intentions on your healing journey. 

Private 1:1  1 hour sound bath 

100$ investment 

Group sound bath quotes                             

2 people for 1 hour 120$ investment 

3 people for 1 hour 150$ investment 

4 people for 1 hour 180$ investment 

5 people for 1 hour 200$ investment 

6+ people 45$ each up to 15 people 

For In-home visit

400.00 flat rate fee for up to six people. For additional people there is a $45.00 per person in addition to flat rate. I can provide mats, bolsters, and blankets for six people.

Each sound healing session can be tailored to your specific needs/desires. Our sessions include gentle breath work, visualization, and vagus nerve activation. 


60 minute Tuning Fork Session

Tune in and Align 

Bring balance to your emotional, mental, spiritual physical energies in this 60 minute session. 
Tuning forks are used around the ears, on and around the body, to bring you back into a state of harmony. I use unweighted tuning forks that are not placed on the body, but near the body. Working in different energy fields that surround your body. When the tuning forks are placed by your ears the vibration reaches your vagus nerve which is linked to your parasympathetic nervous system. When you activate this cranial nerve it allows your body to go into a state of rest-digest. 
Promoting relaxation, calming the nervous system, improving digestion and sleep. 
Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t have tight restriction on your body so that you can fully relax. 

This treatment is a 85$ investment.


Integrate Spiritual Practices with Microdosing

Balance Your Spirit

This treatment is for 21 and older. During this 2.5 hour session we will talk about the benefits of microdosing. We will set our intentions while working with this sacred psilocybin medicine. We will drink our tea and begin our journey with some gentle stretching emphasizing the breath and vagus nerve exercises. We will flow into a guided meditation that will highlight your current needs and where we are in the stars. From there you will settle into a safe, warm, and nurturing space and receive the powerful healing of sound. I will play chimes, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, flute, drum, infinity disk, soft vocals and a 32 inch gong. When you combine these modalities with your microdosing practice you create a catalyst to your healing path and spiritual well-being. Please contact me with any questions about this service.

One on One energy exchange is 155.0

If you would like to bring this offering to your home, or have a gathering where we can share this powerful healing collectively please reach out. 


1.5 hour Sound Healing and Reiki 

Calm into the Comfort of Being You

This session embodies the realms of frequency and energy. You will be immersed in the powerful healing sounds of rattles, Tibetan bowls, medicine drum, 32 inch Nibiru Gong, water disk, frosted crystal singing bowls, soft vocals and chimes. 
This is the perfect session for someone who is seeking release from anxiety, depression, overactive mind, and needing clarity in one’s life. 
We will flow into 30 minutes of Reiki where we will use our breath to bring in healing and release what no longer serve you. This healing energy goes where it needs to in your body. During this session you may feel a sense of energetic weight lifted from your physical body, tingling, calm and peace in the mind and body. Reiki helps with physical pain, emotional turmoil, depression, anxiety, digestion and so much more. 

The energy exchange for this 1.5 hour journey is 140.00 investment 

Weekly Thursday Sound Healing

  • Weekly Thursday Sound Healing
    Weekly Thursday Sound Healing
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Apr 25
    656 Main St
    Apr 25, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    656 Main St, 656 Main St, Fortuna, CA 95540, USA
    Apr 25, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    656 Main St, 656 Main St, Fortuna, CA 95540, USA
    Immerse your body in the healing frequencies of Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, rattles, chimes, 32 inch Gong, rain disk, soft vocals and medicine drum. Single person couch available for those that have too much pain to lay on a mat. All props are provided. Wear comfy clothing.
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Monthly Offerings


Microdose~~Yoga~~Meditation~~Sound Healing 

✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ✨✨ On March 9th, the day before a new moon in Pisces, we will gather together in community and set our intentions. We will practice restorative yoga. Allowing what may come to surface to just be, flowing freely. Releasing any attachments, judgments, or expectation.


Allowing our bodies to breathe in ease. Inviting a state of presence and just being-ness. We will sink down into each Asana, using our breath to create expansion. We will gather up all negative energies and as we exhale we will beam them out through the crown chakra. 

✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ✨✨ Begin to notice the natural ebb and flow. At times we may resist this restriction as things become uncomfortable. But soon the knowing, that this is just temporary, will open a state of surrender, transforming the negative thoughts, beliefs, perspective into a higher resonance. 

✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ *In order to stay within the guidelines of the resolution that decriminalized entheogens in Arcata, the microdose tea will be gifted, while the ticket price covers the cost of the yoga, guided meditation and sound healing practice. To honor the resolution, microdoses cannot be gifted to anyone under 21 years of age.*

✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Let us synchronize our energies, visualize the flow within our hearts and radiate an essence of forgiveness. Looking forward to journeying with you. Many blessings 

Weekly Sound Healing

I have moved my practice just two blocks away to a spacious and beautiful room. 656 Main St Fortuna, Ca.

We will gather from 7-8 PM and dive into the realm of frequency healing. You will hear various instruments, Gong, Tibetan bowls, chimes, Crystal singing bowls, rattles, infinity drum, flute, medicine drum and soft vocals.

Each sound healing is unique and will bring to surface exactly what you are capable of healing. If we listen closely our bodies tell us what we need to give our divine love and attention to.

Please bring a mat, blanket and pillow and whatever you need to get cozy comfy. You can RSVP on my website or send me a text. Looking forward to journeying and healing with you.

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Honest and Reliable

Satya is extremely knowledgeable and outstanding at what she does.  She connects with you and makes sure you're comfortable every step of the way, even before you get to her studio. She has very gentle healing hands, and the most beautiful, soothing voice. I did my very first sound bath with her and it was life changing for me. For a skeptic like me, I would do it again! I've never felt so relaxed, and my brain stopped racing and it gave me an hour of peace that I've been missing. If you haven't gone and seen her this is your sign to make it happen.

Alexia Potts

Satya's sound bath healing and Reiki has helped me find purpose, healing, clarity, safety and light in the darkness. I am very grateful for her and her services. Satya shows great passion and genuine care for her practices and her clients. As a community, we are extremely lucky to have her.


“Discovering Satya was the perfect way to start my Year of the Dragon. While gentle, she has the presence of one who has gone into the Void and come out the other side stronger and wiser. I experience a journey of inner sight during sound healings with Satya. In our first session, her singing produced a path of lily pads and at that moment, I knew I would be back for more.” 

MelissaMack Barker

I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful Satya is.  I literally stumbled upon this sound healing class and had no idea how healing this could be…it’s a beautiful, nurturing, internal cleanse with the most beautiful sounds I’ve ever heard.  I particularly love the sound healing/acupuncture combo…it launches me into a much needed spiritual space every time. I found out she is doing Reiki on us as she is bathing us in healing sounds. The lady next to me said she’s been doing sound healing for 35 years and Satya is the best she’s ever attended.

Moriah Miranda

I found a gem named Satya at the Farmer's Market in Fortuna in spring of 2021. Satya offers lovely herbals including, teas, roll on oils, bath blends, wire rings,  earrings, and crystal necklaces and are unique quality treasures to spoil yourself or gift to family and friends. Satya is a gift to the Humboldt herbal and healing community. Her yoga practice is creative and vibrant with strong foundational elements from the yoga mother country of India where she received her training. Her vinyasa flow is challenging yet gentle in combination with calming vagus nerve movements and ending with restful sound healings during shavasana.  She is a rose bud in our blossoming yoga community with her talents and style and I look forward to further yoga practice with her. I enjoy looking through her products because I never know what new amazing treasure I might find.

Christine HahnVertical

Satya is a gem in our community. I feel blessed to have met her, and to be on the spiritual path with her. She is outstanding with sound healing, and I have learned so much from her wisdom with sound. Her voice is very soft, soothing, and healing during her guided meditations. I highly recommend attending one of her local offerings. You will be happy you did!

Danielle Daniel 

Satya is a wealth of knowledge and very good at her crafts. Her instrumentals have continued to out due themselves over the past year that I have been joining her sound healing sessions. Every sound session that I have been blessed with by Satya has brought me to higher levels of inner peace and alignment. Her voice is ever so enchanting opening and closing ceremony with song and incantations guiding relaxing yoga and meditation to get you prepared to fully receive the sound:) I feel like this prelude really maximizes all the benefits from the sounds sessions. Particular sound sessions have literally transformed my current psychie from feeling depressed and stressed to feeling light and solid( super interesting session). I couldn’t believe the genuine turn-around in my attitude and well being after. In other sessions I have had visions. My first session I experienced a massive release and cried. Satya is very good at getting you into a state of true meditation, that when returning from, you feel recharged and light. My last session with Satya was my first microdose session and first solo sound session. I reached a state of true relaxation that was beyond needed. Satya creates a beautiful nurtured space where that allows for a comforting journey in feeling safe. I felt like a beautiful butterfly who had just emerged from my cocoon when finishing up ceremony. Again, leaving feeling glowy and peaceful. Satya has taken me places and brought me back better in just one session. Her gift is not to be taken lightly! So happy to have her in Fortuna. Her sound healing sessions are now a self care must for me.


I was lucky enough to have received energy work from Satya on the beach. She utilized different crystals on each of my chakras and guided my nervous system through each of them implementing breathwork and visualization. This session came at a time that I had just started my inner child healing work. As the session went on I felt safer and safer and drifted into a transcendental state. I felt grounded - one with the earth - and I fell into a deep sleep at the very end, giving me the much needed rest. Satya is a naturally gifted healer. Invest in yourself and go see her as soon as you possibly can!

Savannah Bouton

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Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced? Get in touch to book a consultation.

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