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Organic Tea Blends

Organic Tea Blends

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Each tea blend is intuitively crafted for healing organs. Nourish Your Body is a blend that targets immunity, stabilizes nervous system, regulates blood sugar levels and helps with adrenal function. Strengthen Your Liver is blend that helps your liver to detox from toxins, improve lymphatic and hepatic functions, and supports your adrenal glands. Headache Pain Away was originally formulated to help with a pinched nerve. It also soothes pain, headache, and promotes sleep.

All tea blends are Organic and are sourced from a local herbal shop here in Humboldt County or from local farmers.


    Headache Pain Away:

    Ingredients: Peppermint, Nettle, Skullcap, Passionflower, Rose hips, Lavender, White willow bark, Rose

    Nourish Your Body: Oatstraw, Butterfly Pea Flower, Eleuthero, Elderberry, Rose hips, Rose, Ginger

    Strengthen Your Liver: Burdock, Dandelion root, Yellowdock, Blue vervain, Ashwaganda, Calendula, Licorice root

    Consult physician before use for any contraindications with medication. Check with physician before use if you are pregnant or nursing.


    Tea Blends are not accepted for return.

    Tea blends are accepted for exchange of equal value when in original unopened condition.


    Tea blends will ship for a 5$ shipping charge.

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